The continuous overflow box (COFB) will span the entire length of the tank ensuring even filtration

COFB will be braced against the back of tank.

Sides being put on the COFB.

Another view

The back waiting to be joined to the sides and supports.

Perfectly glued

Another shot

The back of the tank is now on

Close up of the COFB and the side

Better view of the COFB

The COFB and one of the two return holes.

The top. Not many builders do a single opening

All edges are polished

Close-up of the front joined to the side.

It's finished!

Another view

Top with some plumbing installed

Shrink wrap, then 1/8" foam, then more shrink wrap, 1" insulation an all sides

1/2" OSB Plywood for the crate. Shipped out on 12/12