Misc Parts

My "filter" aka sump. Finished fishless cycling on 12/9 (took 7 days)

5 compartments for filter media. Currently using filter foam, Seachem Purigen, Matrix Bio-Media, and Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media

I'm also using bio balls. The ones up top are for biological filtration. The ones below are just to help quiet the falling water

10 gallon quarantine tank. Currently home to one bag of Eco Complete and some initial plants I couldn't pass up. Currently finishing up cycling but the plants don't mind

My DIY fertilizers. I'm using Excel until my CO2 system is complete.

Ammonia for fishless cycling.

PVC parts for the new tank. Doesn't look like much but there is a ton of stuff there.

My remaining 100 lbs of Eco Complete. I have 160 more on the way just in case.

My CO2 reactor. CO2 goes in the top, dissolves and then goes up the pipe and into the tank.

My 100% stainless steel, dual-stage CO2 regulator.