Misc Parts

PVC Parts layed out (this isn't even all of it)

The stand is drilled and the tank is set on the stand

Plumbing set up behind the tank. Using a "Bean Animal" silent drain

It's filled. Two small leaks in the sump plumbing, easily fixed

Lots of water movement from my 2x Eheim 1262. Almost 2000 GPH.

3 "Bean Animal" drains and filter media set up.

Return plumbing with quick drain spigot installed

A view from the top

Background set up and ready to be installed.

Background installed in tank

Driftwood installed.

CO2 Reactor

Dosing Pumps

Apex, the brain of the aquarium

Apex Control panel

First attempt at planting. Needs a lot of work but it's finally running.

100 fish added!